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I decided to create this site to be a resource for all dog owners who want to learn how to train their own dogs, on their own property, and in their own time. As well as help dog lovers to shop smart for their dogs, by making the mistakes for you, so I can point you directly to the products and services that are worth your time and hard-earned money.


The 4 Goals for this site:

  1. Teach dog owners to be their own dog’s trainer (K9 Training Articles)
  2. Help dog owners to shop smart for their dogs (K9 Product Reviews)
  3. Help my readers to have happy healthy dogs (Balanced Packs)
  4. Build & maintain The K9 Nation Sanctuary. (Rescue Dogs From euthanasia)



No animal products used in the Items suggested or linked on my site


The K9 Nation Sanctuary | Path of Passion

We, humans, created domesticated dogs as we know them today.

Creation = Ownership and Ownership = Liability.

As we are the liable parties and are responsible for their well being, we can not turn our backs on them, abandon them, or throw them away like trash.

We often feel helpless to the atrocities of this world

dog abuse

Individually, there isn’t much we can do, collectively though, there is a lot we can accomplish. To help with my cause, just come by this website often, check out the new and updated articles, pick up any of the products I suggest or review, and of course SHARE anything you like or found helpful on your favorite social media.

Together we can make a difference

running free

You may have herd traditional shelters being called DEATH ROW, and for good reason. All to often in this country dogs get rescued from a horrible situation, That’s great right? Not if those dogs have to go to jail, and then be subject to a lethal injection, like a criminal, just 30 days after being rescued.

Doesn’t seem like much of a rescue to me, and I can’t help thinking…


Thus I came up with The K9 Nation Sanctuary

Dog Training

The plan is to acquire an 80 – 100 acre property to start, somewhere in Oregon. The Property will be divided into 3 strips or Sections.

Section 1 | To One Side

about me

  • At least a 20 acre Freerun Area for all the rescued dogs

  • 2/3rds to 3/4ers of this section will be one large fenced in area where the dogs can live and run free

  • ¼ to 1/3 of this section will be a large indoor area that will be kept soft and temped for hot, cold, or wet days

  • It will be equipped with a full kitchen(dog diet storage and prep area), dog training area, an infirmary, dog washing stations, cleaning closet, etc…

Section 2 | The Opposing Side

  • A 3500-foot runway, overshoot area, taxi lane, and ramp in front of the hanger


Section 3 | The Middle Ground

  • A 4-5 bedroom home for myself and 2-6 live in caretakersK9 Nation Sanctuary

  • Garage big enough for all personal and work vehicles

  • A non-GMO garden for humans and K9’s alike

  • Solar panels atop the buildings

  • Rainwater collectors at every corner

  • A shop for building and maintaining the entire property

  • A hanger for the planes

Once Built

Advertise The K9 Nation Sanctuary so every shelter in the country willlet dogs run free know who to contact when dogs in their facility are moved to the kill list.

Fly out to wherever the dogs are located, meet and greet, load the rescued dogs onto the plane, and fly back to the Sanctuary, give them a check-up, a meal, and introduce them into the pack.

Hire caretakers for the dogs and the property once the numbers are more than I alone can handle. Full time, Loyal to the cause, live in caretakers would be best…


The K9 Nation Sanctuary Will allow me to engage my 2 passions, General Aviation & K9 Rescue, in a way that will greatly help the health, happiness, and longevity of life, to the ever-growing American dog population. Aviation Join me by coming back often, enjoying the free informative articles, picking up any products reviewed on my site that you and your dog will love, and of course, share my posts & articles on your favorite social media platforms.




I hope you enjoyed this site | if so please share | Thanks for stopping by.

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