GameChanger – The Ultimate Toy for Dogs

Well Hello there, Welcome to K9 Nation. The name is Will, and I have been a K9 Behavioral Psychologist in the greater Portland area for over ten years, and I’m always looking for new products and techniques to help my clients with their dog in a variety of ways.

The 3 Reasons | I Created K9 Nation

  1. To be a resource for all dog owners who want to learn how to train their own dogs, on their own property, and in their own time.
  2. To help dog lovers to shop smart for their dogs, by making the mistakes for you, so I can point you directly to the products and services that are worth your time and hard-earned money.
  3. To fund the building and of the K9 Nation K9 Sanctuary (Where dogs can live free without fear)

I hope this article helps answer some questions you may have. So, let’s begin.

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GameChanger | The Ultimate Toy for Dogs

I know I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, the best way to exercise or drain your dog’sgame changer energy is to engage their mind as well as their body, and that’s exactly what the Bark Buster GameChanger does for my clients and their best buds.

The revolutionary new dog toy, the GameChanger keeps dogs busy for hours as it reflexes back when your dog bites it, satisfying the dog’s natural desire to chew. Simply fill it with your dog’s favorite kibbles or treats and watch your dog happily try to get it to spill its contents.


dog toys Bark Busters GameChanger Treat Dispensing Interactive Dog Toy

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Why People & Their Dogs Are Loving It!

Bark Busters GameChanger will keep your dog active, entertained, and pre-occupied during playtime or while you’re away from home, so they’re not engaging in behaviors like:

🐾Chewing on your shoesthe game changer

🐾Chewing on table and chair legs

🐾destroying pillows or couch cushions

🐾Barking at every bike that blows by

🐾or being miserable with separation anxiety



Revolutionary Design

The Game Changer is a unique toy with a revolutionary design. This treat dispensing toy can be opened and filled with treats (treats must be small enough to fit through the wholes).

best chew toys for dogsAs your dog flips, flops, and rolls the dog treat toys with their paws or nose, it will intermittently dispense a treat.

This is a great toy for dogs that are bored or need to be occupied for some time.

It is made using Flexa-Pure, a soft but sturdy non-toxic BPA-free polyurethane, which is durable, yet soft enough to not make noise on the floor.


Product Benefits

🐾 Proudly made in the USA! No Really!

🐾Provides a safe and fun way to satisfy your dog’s natural desire to chew by reacting to your dog’s bite – reflexing back when your dog bites down on it.

🐾Avoids boredom for a period of time. Boredom is often the cause of behavioral issues for dogs such as destructive behavior or anxiety.

🐾Made of Flexa-Pure – a soft but sturdy, washable (hand wash ONLY – no dishwasher), durable non-toxic BPA-free polyurethane material.

🐾Is safer for your dog’s teeth than hard toys that can potentially chip or wear teeth down.

🐾It is a quiet toy if bounced around because it is made of the soft material – great if you live in an apartment and will not damage hardwood floors.

🐾The size works well for dog 15 lbs. and up. Some smaller breeds like Chihuahuas and Yorkies may not be strong enough to play with the game changer but we’ll leave that for you to decide.

🐾Two halves that lock together means you can mix and match colors.

🐾Comes in four 4 vibrant easy to locate colors |Red, Yellow, Blue, and Lime toysBark Busters GameChanger Treat Dispensing Interactive Dog Toy

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User Guidelines

  1. In general, supervise your dog when you give them dog toys for the first time.
  2. Open the GameChanger® by peeling it open from the edge.gamechanger dog toydog chew toys
  3. Find some kibble or treats will fit through the holes.
  4. Pour some food or treats into each of the GameChangers four chambers and let your best friend see and smell the food inside the Game Changer is chew toys for dogs
  5. (Easy Mode): Close the 2 halves together making sure that the wholes of the gamechanger are NOT aligned.
  6. (Advanced Mode): Close the 2 halves together ensuring the holes are aligned.
  7. To start the activity for the first time, crouch down and flick the dog treat toy a bit to encourage your little buddy to investigate. Some dogs will catch on right away, and others need a bit of encouragement and may take more time.
  8. If your pup starts flipping it with his nose and hitting it with his paws, then he gets the concept of one of the best chew toys for dogs on the market today!

game changer

==> To check out current pricing on the GameChanger  gamechangers


Honesty & Transparency

I did find 2 minor issues with the GameChanger:

  1. It’s not the best for some small breed dogs, as it’s a bit big and heavy. Some small breed dogs do fine and others don’t.
  2. Initially, the toy is a bit slippery when new, and so some dogs can open the GameChanger. (Pro Tip: use a zip-tie through the holes to keep it closed, and trim the excess.)
  3. After a few weeks of chewing and/or if it is left outside, the toy becomes less smooth and harder to open.


In conclusion

I found this to be the best chew toy for dogs that I have found yet, as:

🐾Dogs Love it! (In Every Case I’ve Seen)

🐾It lasts a long time,(Unlike Most Chew Toys)

🐾Keeps your best friend busy for quite a while,(Great while Your Busy Or Away)

🐾Keeps from engaging in unwanted behaviors,(Chewing Important Things)

🐾Helps with separation anxiety,(Busy So He or She Doesn’t notice Your Gone)

🐾Is very Vibrantly colored,(East To Find and Hard To Lose)

🐾Makes your dog work for their food,(Good For Dogs With Food Aggression)

🐾Enguages their Body as well as their mind,(Helps drain your dog’s Energy)

🐾Sipplies treats over time,(curb cravings and hunger Until Meal Time)



Bonus Tips & Content

Bonus Training Tip #1 | A Tired Dog Is A Good Dog

a tired dog is a good dog Always walk or exercise your dog thoroughly, before each training session, and they will be much more receptive to guidance. If you’d like to learn more about that check out my How To Walk Your Dog YouTube videos. Also on a similar note, a calm assertive human or Pack Leader leads to a calm submissive dog or follower, as our dogs are a reflection of our internal state, if we are excited or frustrated during training time, they will feel that energy and the process will likely be more difficult and time-consuming. So take a deep breath to calm and Center yourself before each training session and at any point, you feel frustrated during training.



Bonus Training Tip #2 | Where The Nose Goes The Body Will Follow

off leash k9 trainingYour dog isn’t trying to rip your arm out of its socket on purpose, they are just following their nose, eyes, or ears. As you might already know, dogs have a much better sense of smell than we do. The challenge here is to train our dogs to be so focused on us, that they don’t get the chance to notice every smell, site, and sound around them while they’re out on the leash. The key to this is to keep them busy, always be giving them something to do IE instructions and corrections.

It’s Very Important To:

  1. Stay Calm
  2. Stay Assertive
  3. Stay In Control
  4. Stay at least one step ahead of your dog
  5. Stop it at level 1 so it never gets to level 10




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