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The Name is Will, and I have been a K9 Behavioral Psychologist for over 10 years now, and I’m always looking for Products & Techniques to help my clients with their Little buddies bad behaviors. We all love our 4 legged friends, but let’s face it, no one likes their favorite shoes becoming dog chews, their Persian Rug becoming a Pug’s Piddle Pad, or our board buddies barking at every bike that blows by…


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I hope this article helps answer any questions you may have about the Gentle Leader and it’s use. So let’s begin.

Common Collar Complaints

Gentle Learer

Typically dogs pull you where they want to go, and you have very little control or say so, which is usually the point where, being The Pack Leader, gets thrown right out the window.

Gentle Leader Amazon


Or you may have the kind of dog that stops or pulls backward and slips out of their traditional collar, then they either dart off and roam the neighborhood or just sit there happy that they defeated that darn old collar.

Or you use a pulling harness which as the name suggests, encourages your dog to pull you down the street. If your dog is big or heavy enough, it can feel like they’re trying to pull your arm out of its socket. So, don’t use a pulling harness unless you want your dog to pull something.

puppy trainingOr your dog has a Collapsing Trachea and a standard collar makes your dog cough, wheeze, gag, and even through-up. Which is obviously not good for our dogs. Plus, nobody wants to be seen walking the dog that always making a ruckus, sounding like they’re hacking up a lung.

Issues can get so bad that some dog owners even give up walking their dog altogether.

Which is a shame, as walking with the pack is a major bonding process that helps your dogs health, happiness, the connection between you, as well as to see you as The Pack Leader. Some dog owners are missing out on these inportant and rewarding aspects of being part of a pack, not to mention the lack of exercise.


Enter: The Gentle Leader Harness

Gentle Leader Amazon

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Now You Are The One In Control as

  • it stays at the top of the neck, where collars should be, not on their trachea,
  • …(No More Choking, Wheezing, Or Gagging)…
  • it fits around their snout, giving you more control of their head,
  • …(Where The Head Goes, The Body Will Follow)…
  • it will not slip off if your dog stops or pulls backward,
  • …(No more Darting Off Or Running Away)…
  • it encourages your dog to follow your lead,
  • …(No more dragging you, face first through the mud)…
  • or yanking your arm out of its socket,
  • and it’s under 20 bucks


The Gentle Leader has

  • adjustable nylon straps
  • a padded nose loop that provides added comfort
  • (while allowing your dog to pant, bark, eat, drink, receive treats and fetch)
  • The newer versions now have a slip stop clamp, that disables your dog from pulling it off.
  • (as seen in the photo below)

Gentle Leader Harness

…The Gentle Leader Is NOT a Mussel..!

If you are looking for a Quality mussel, this is the one I’ve had the most success with


In Conclusion

I for one love, the Gentle Leader and often recommend it to my clients who have leash pulling, lunging, jumping, other unwanted behaviors while out on their walks. As well as any clients that have dogs who have a Collapsing Trachea.

In my experience, after The Gentle Leader Harness is put on, and a couple of hours of me working with my clients and their dogs is complete, lasting results have consistently been achieved.

The Gentle Leader is not just great for training by encouraging them to stay at your side.

But it’s also great for dogs who stop, pull back, or have a head not much bigger than their neck, causing traditional collars to slip off, allowing your dog to run off.

Plus it helps desperate dog owners, to take the walk back, without:

  • scratchingLeash Training
  • poking
  • pulling or
  • shocking your dog’s neck
  • putting pressure on their trachea, causing
  • coughing
  • Choking
  • hacking
  • Wheezing
  • gagging
  • and even throwing up

To check out current pricing for The Gentle Leader! Gentle Leader Amazon

and enjoy safer, more stress-free walks with your dog.



Gentle Leader F.A.Q

Q: Whats in the box?

A: The Gentle Leader comes with fitting instructions and a comprehensive DVD

Gentle Leader


Q: How do I put the collar on my dog?

A: Gentle Leader Fitting Video



Q: What Size Do I Get For My Dog?

A: Gentle Leader Sizing Chart

Just The Right Fit

Collar Size





Extra Large


Pet Size

Under 5 Pounds

5 to 25 Pounds

25 to 60 Pounds

60 - 130 Pounds

Over 130 Pounds




Chihuahua, teacup and toy breeds, puppies (8 weeks or older)

Beagle, Sheltie, Shih Tzu

Border Collie, Bulldog, Pug

Boxer, German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever

Great Dane, Newfoundland, Saint Bernard



Q: How do I train my dog with the Gentle Leader?

A: Gentle Leader Training Video

==> To pick up a Gentle Leader for your dog  Gentle Leader Amazon



Bonus Tips & Content

As you may have heard, A Tired Dog Is A Good Dog,  and the best way to exercise your dog is to engage their mind as well as their body


Bonus Tip #1 | Leash corrections

Leash corrections or leash pops are administered to either break your dogs tunnel vision/fixation or to communicate to them what you want. While walking your dog or leash training, it is important to have a loose leash at all times, as constant tension on the leash, naturally makes your dog want to pull in the opposite direction of the tension.

Gentle LeaderThe sooner the Better

We should administer a leash correction as early as possible, as once your arm is fully extended it’s virtually impossible to do so, and once again your dog is pulling you down the street.

Gentle Leader


  • Consistency Is Key
  • Repetition Is Required
  • Timing Will Tame

When offering any discipline or behavior correction, it would behoove you to do so, just as your dog is going for the unwanted behavior, or even better, just before they lung, pull, jump, bark, etc. Once you have lived with a dog for a while you should be able to know what they are going to do before they do it. If not, pay close attention from now on to their body language, it will tell you everything.

Be hyper-aware of your dogs position, body language, and energy level, through the leash, as well as through your peripheral vision.



Bonus Tip #2 | Where the nose goes the body will follow

off leash k9 trainingyour dog isn’t trying to rip your arm out of its socket on purpose, they are just following their nose, eyes, or ears. As you might already know, dogs have a much better sense of smell than we do. The challenge here is to train our dogs to be so focused on us, that they don’t get the chance to notice every smell, site, and sound around them while they’re out on the leash. The key to this is to keep them busy, always be giving them something to do IE instructions and corrections.

It’s Very Important To:

  1. Stay Calm
  2. Stay Assertive
  3. Stay In Control
  4. Stay at least one step ahead of your dog
  5. Stop it at level 1 so it never gets to level 10



Bonus Tip #3 | Stop and Wait Procedures (The Reset Button)

While your walking or training your dog, you might find they may have the tendency to slip in and out of compliance. To break this we can apply what I call (Stop & Wait)

Stop and wait procedures…Or (Stop & Sit Procedures)… It pretty much is what it sounds like; if you are making a correction every 10 steps on average and all of a sudden your having to correct every 2 or 3 steps, (say to keep them from walking in front of you) then stop and wait. anywhere from 5 – 30 seconds, and maybe put them into a sit. Now we are back to a compliant state. What we are saying to our dog by doing this is, We are not doing what you want to do until I get what I want.

This exercise is like a reset button for your dog.





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