iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher (The One That Works!)

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iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher

As a Dog Trainer with over 10 years experience, I’m always trying to find techniques and products that can effectively drain a dogs energy.

As you may have heard, A Tired Dog Is A Good Dog,  and the best way to exercise your dog is to engage their mind as well as their body, Enter the iFetch.

Especially if you

  • have a hard time walking your dog,
  • worry about them getting enough exercise,
  • or about them being bored and lonely while you’re away.

The iFetchiFetch Too, and iFetch Frenzy are great for these issues.

…(It Can Also Help Ease Separation Anxiety)…

I have tried most of the automatic fetch machines on the market, and the ones I haven’t tried, my clients have filled me in on, so with all that info gathered, I Just Had To Write This Review.


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Why the other guys just don’t stack up

ifetch ball launcher

  • They get jammed frequently, requiring you to UN-jam it (poor design)…
  • Powers down within a few seconds requiring you to reset the product…
  • Batteries don’t make contact, even with cover tightly in place…
  • They’re not good for outdoor use due to (poor construction)…
  • Rattles loudly and moves on hard floors scaring their dog
  • balls fall apart very quickly with minimal chewing…
  • Only launches balls 5 feet or so, doggie not impressed!


iFetch for sale

The Good News

The “iFetch” Automatic Ball Launcher actually works!!!

  • No Jamming
  • No unexpected Power Downs
  • No Battery Drawer or Charger Issues
  • No obnoxious Rattling, Vibrating, or Grinding
  • No Worries of Out Door Use or Untimely Break Downs
  • Just Hours of Fun For You and Your Best Friend!


Transparency and Honesty | I did Find 2 issues with the Original iFetch

ifetch automatic ball launcher

  • Although not as bad as most of its competition, the iFetch does make some sound and can keep some dogs away from enjoying it. If this happens to your dog, click here to learn an effective way to introduce your dog to the iFetch.
  • Also like the others, the iFetch balls don’t last very long and are definitely not durable chew toys. So pick up a multi-pack of iFetch balls, when you place your order. You can click the photo above to order a 5 pack of iFetch balls or…

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ifetch automatic ball launcher

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  2. ==> click here to check out current pricing on The iFetch Too
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automatic fetch machine

In conclusion

I give it two thumbs up. Every dog I have seen playing with it loves it…

…They are:

  • Fun,
  • Innovative,
  • Automatic,
  • Interactive,
  • Easy To Maintain
  • and Worry-Free…

I highly recommend the iFetch, for any small to medium sized dogs who need some extra exercise, or entertainment while you’re away…

…or as a fun interactive activity, you can do together…

…and I recommend the iFetch Too for medium to large sized dogs…

…(They Can Also Help Ease Separation Anxiety)…

…If you have a dog that is easily spooked by noises and are too afraid of automatic fetch machines to enjoy them, then I suggest the iFetch Frenzy as:

  • It doesn’t have any electric motors or moving parts,
  • Doesn’t require any batteries or power source,
  • Does not make any noise at all,
  • Plus, at $50 or less, it’s a steal.

>>>or click here to learn an effective way to introduce a Fearful Dog to an iFetch.

  1. ==>click here to check out current pricing on The iFetch Original
  2. ==>click here to check out current pricing on The iFetch Too
  3. ==>click here to check out current pricing on The iFetch Frenzy


iFetch F.A.Q | Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What comes with my iFetch, iFetch Frenzy, or iFetch Too order?

A: Your iFetch comes with three balls and an AC adapter for 110 and 220 volts.

ifetch ball launcher

Your iFetch Frenzy comes with three miniature iFetch tennis balls located in the hidden storage compartment underneath the Frenzy.

iFetch for sale

Your iFetch Too comes with three balls and a charger for the rechargeable battery.

ifetch automatic ball launcher

Q: Which iFetch product is best for my dog?

A: This depends on each individual dog. Of our automatic ball launchers, we say that the iFetch is for small to medium breeds and the iFetch Too is for medium to large breeds, however, we have seen large dogs use the iFetch and small dogs use the iFetch Too.

In order to figure out which size is best for your dog, we recommend you purchase a ball that is the 1.5″ diameter and a standard size tennis ball (~2.5″ diameter) and test each one with your dog. If your dog prefers the 1.5″ diameter ball, then the iFetch will work fine. If your dog prefers the 2.5″ ball, then the iFetch Too is a better option.

Another thing to consider is the launch distance. If you intend to play with the product outdoors and launch it as far as possible, the iFetch Too is probably the best option due to its launch distance of 40 feet. It also has a rechargeable battery, unlike the iFetch, which has to either be plugged in or runs on 6 C batteries.

When deciding between the iFetch and iFetch Frenzy, consider a few factors.

  1. Distance – If you are working with a small space, the iFetch Frenzy is a great option because the ball only rolls 6-12 feet each time. The iFetch, however, has a 10ft setting that works well indoors. If you are looking for a further distance, the iFetch also has settings for 20ft and 30ft launch distances.

ifetch ball launcher

  1. Budget – The iFetch Frenzy is $50 and the iFetch is $115.
  2. Power – The iFetch Frenzy is non-electronic and makes no noise. The iFetch requires 6 C batteries or a power cord plugged into the wall to power it on.
  3. Surface – The iFetch Frenzy must be used on a flat surface (indoors or outdoors). The iFetch can be used on almost any surface (indoors or outdoors).
  1. The iFetch, ball launcher for small to medium sized dogs | get one here
  2. The iFetch Too, ball launcher for med to large sized dogs | get one here
  3. The iFetch Frenzy, brain game for small to medium dogs | get one here

Q: How do I get started with the iFetch or iFetch Too?

A: To get started with the iFetch, all you need to do is plug it in (or insert 6 c-cell batteries), press the button on the back to select a distance setting (10, 20 or 30 feet), drop a ball in, and it’s playtime!

To get started with the iFetch Too, you will need to charge the rechargeable internal battery before getting started. Plug the iFetch Too into the wall using the charger that comes with it. The light on the charger will turn green when it is charged and ready to go (it can take anywhere from 2-8 hours to fully charge). The iFetch Too is portable once it is charged, can be unplugged and moved wherever you like. Press the power button on the back, select a distance setting (adjusting the safety switch so the red is visible in order to launch further than 10 feet) and select 10, 25 or 40 feet, or a random setting, which will randomly select a launch distance each time the ball is dropped in. Enjoy interactive playtime!


Q: How are the iFetch and iFetch Too powered?

A: The iFetch is powered by being plugged into the wall using the included wall plug, or can be portable by using 6 C batteries.

The iFetch Too has an internal rechargeable battery that charges in 2-8 hours.


Q: How long does the iFetch work on batteries?

A: A long time! We at GoiFetch have done extensive testing of iFetch and we have found that it will keep throwing balls for approximately 30 hours on a fully charged set of 6 C-cell batteries. If your dog can play fetch continuously for that long, then you may want to enter your dog into the Guinness Book of World Records.


Q: How do you clean the iFetch and iFetch Too?

A: With the unit powered off feed a damp cloth down into the tube and out the front launch area. Pulling the cloth back and forth (similar to flossing your teeth) will take care of one level of dirt.

As a bonus (and to get a better clean on the wheels) firmly hold the cloth from the ball hopper end and then carefully turn on the unit and press in the ball trigger to cause the wheels to spin about the cloth. Worst case, the cloth might tear or it might get jerked out of your hand and launched, but it shouldn’t damage the unit.


Q: My dog slobbers a lot. Is that a problem?

A: Some dogs slobber more than others. If your dog is a heavy slobberer, you may need to wipe off the balls from time to time.

Some customers who have slobbery dogs have told us they have found success with mini squash balls when using the iFetch. When using the iFetch Too, be sure to set it on one of the higher launch distance settings if your dog tends to slobber.


Q: How do I teach my dog to play with the iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher?

A: If your dog already loves to play fetch, it should be pretty easy. Some customers have told us it took them less than 20 minutes (and a handful of treats) to teach their dogs how to use the iFetch, iFetch Frenzy, or iFetch Too.

To make things even easier, we have put together this short training video.


Q: Are iFetch products covered by a warranty?

A: iFetch products come with a one year warranty covering manufacturer’s defects, assuming normal use.

  • Defective products returned to iFetch may be sent either shipping prepaid or if pre-approved by iFetch, via UPS ground transportation with shipping paid by iFetch.
  • To honor the warranty, iFetch, at its option, will repair the defective product or replace the defective product with a new or refurbished unit.

Before iFetch will honor a warranty claim, the customer must:

  • provide proof of purchase,
  • obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number by contacting iFetch @ support@goifetch.com or call them at 512-219-3271.



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